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shyguyzay – skywalker og كلمات اغاني



[verse 1]
smoking on strong, no i don’t care if you see a n_gga [?] and tears
remember back then? she used to sleep on the kid, now she a believer
you gotta open your eyes to see all of the disease, some of the people are evil
like a.i. you can get crossed, you ain’t never too quick to take a loss
my view in life, finna walk through blind, people like roads gotta watch them signs
i’m a greedy kid yeah i care about mine but i won’t wipe nun’, no i’m not no slime
time like a bird i just watch it fly, seems like every single day i’m high
had a talk with my bro i said “sh_t gon’ get better”, two young n_ggas we just chasing this cheddar

but i wish i could fly away, go get a hideaway
wish i could hide away, hide from these rainy days
just to take the pain away, just to take the pain away

cruising outside in the late night, i’m tryna use my brain
i don’t wanna feel a thing, i don’t wanna feel a thing
when i go to sleep i just dream of a new life, but everything’s the same
everything’s the same, everything’s the same, oh

i just wish i could fly away, go find a hideaway
go find a hideaway, hide from these rainy days
just to take the pain away, just take the pain away
[verse 2]
come take the pain away, baby, you’re like novocain
we got the mary jane, light it and fly away
i’m in love with defyin’ them things, i want gold just like midas, baby
she get wet like a tidal wave, i’m tryna ride the wave
yeah, i’m so up in the sky, you gon’ see me then you gotta fly to me
n_ggas gon’ hate when they don’t got no glow and they see your ass shinin’, baby
n_ggas want come out of my body, they blowin’ my high away
i wish i could fly away, i wish i could fly away

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