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shodi – despacito 2 كلمات اغاني


[intro: shodi]
thanks for scanning my computer for viruses, malwarebytes
you fucking idiot

[verse 1: youngs ditch]
i’m a fucking walking paradox
no i’m not, i’m a fucking walking talking pair of socks
a c-mstain come to life, i’m seed
i’ve come with a purpose, to spread the word of seth reed
yonker sold a million copies; michael never made a quarter
expanded his vocab to be just short of
a hundred unique words, what a tragedy
learning how to stretch a syllable to prove his mastering
now it’s six years later, prepare to be destroyed
when roland drops his parody of tyler’s flower boy

[verse 2: shodi]
mic roland been rollin’ around the city
poppin’ open coffins and robbin everyone swiftly
like i open past raps when everyone’s at the party
then i make em all laugh, and know i’m not really sorry
pulled all my things way up to the bay
back hanging at the bay was just foreshadowing
and now i’m top grade about every single day
and the only lay you get is from your garbage tier workplace

[verse 3: shodi]
i’m never wrong, not now, but back in to the past
i was cr-ss, yet still in rap i tore your -ss
so when i tour, i’m keeping you aside of the cast
and in the parking lot, i’m breaking both your legs super fast
in the hospital, i’m breaking open both your cast
so you can fall, and keep falling while i still beat your -ss
my pelvis leaving bruises on to both of your cheeks
so while you rapped drake, i would rather be rapping meek
since that song had a dance from beyond the scene
and now i dance around, while you fleeing the scene