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shemar – skytrain! skytrain! كلمات اغاني


old land changes lively names to passcode //
hand holds, relay scams for ransom //
shemar meaning “everlasting blue flame //
head on, tame the devil!” //
torch cut through metal retainers like dotted lines //
becca loves the skytrain //
bits of subconscious pile onto the ark’s spine //
bent, searching my grandfather’s porch for magic //
the bones these blank chairs are channeling praise for //
the eyes returning his empty stares //
black mass in perpetual prayer //
trusting the impasse, i hear escapade //
man, becca loves the skytrain //
time told on roulette wheel //
swan songs habitual //
escape loops spun like christmas carols //
my features ask questions rhetorical //
drip fed disappointed suicide notes //
your survival cause for deep breaths //
i dug water bottles through ore //
shadowing ma’s grave //
anything to avoid family matters, unspoken immortal //
pencils raised higher during 8:50 d.e.a.r //
innocence punished when creation reserved for myth //
whitey only tale all ends in subjugation //
extras feign death, lingering by will of their anklets //
not left forgotten, aglets to those important //
‘cause becca loves the skytrain //
and egda starts by staring past me, into me //
intimate //
tell me what i’ve been doing //
tell me what i’ve been doing for real //
what the f_ck have i been doing //

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