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shawn christmas – seishun complex كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
i like keeping to myself all that i could
i’d keep my fists buried deep down in my hood
i don’t want to see the outside heartless world
but i know that there has to be more out there for me

[verse 2]
i like the feeling of being soaked by the rain
because my face looked better covered in a haze
i pretended to be afraid of the dark storm
while waiting for that dark sky to burst right open
strum your way through all the bright light’s distortion
i want to make thunderous sounds, i’ll roar
drum beyond the pain
take out your frustration, what can i do?
the pounding is out of my control

strum in harmony, wе’ll play it together
i want to be thе change i hope to see
play ’til your heart’s content
take back all your power, what can i do
i’ll never let you down, i’ll make it through