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shatta singh – shook ones freestyle (ggsf camp diss) كلمات اغاني


[intro: shatta singh]

so i didn’t come for like four years and this is the typa sh-t yall talkin behind my back
that’s how it is aanh , but truss mi homie i ain’t holdin back, shout out to prodigy for the beat dawg
rest in peace to a real one unlike y’all kept it

[verse one: shatta singh]

used to come around the dmv to have a good feeling
now you wanna play them silly games and corny gimmics
talking like you need to be religious and keep your mind astray
fact of the matter is that your playing yourself, you’re a disgrace
to a religion that preaches equality and respect
sitting through all of them diwans is not getting you anywhere
you’re just cheating yourself, and your consciousness
y’all just stuck in the same rut of decay
the same one that’s k!lling our religion away
these ain’t jokes, i’m here to get the record straight
the saddest thing was that i heard this from someone from ghiss
and you tryna plead the fifth, and wash your hands of this
but nice try, now you could watch me get adament
you callin’ me an awkward and deviant person
don’t remember what your gurus said in their verses
think y’all guru’s chelas but just some ignant hypocrites
y’all don’t think i know the trash you talk ’bout somebody’s sisters
then have the audacity to paint me as a bad picture

[verse two: shatta singh]

whatever happened to support and feeling for one another
i thought that was whats camps for is bringing in positive discussion
sitting in morning and evening diwans acting all dharmic
but what’s feeding in your heart is just bitter hate and judgement
i used to call all of you my brothers and cousins
and y’all play sides and politricks and divide us like states and provinces
y’all need to go learn from bhai sahib and harjot’s mother
they’re the people that make you feel like your someone
not tear you down and make you feel like an outcaste
that’s all you is to gain your personal satisfaction
but truss me i have better things to worry about
i’m running my old man’s game , ’bout to get myself an mba