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sg_masterpigman – piggy resonance كلمات اغاني


[verse 1 _ sg_masterpigman]
p_p_piggy is my problem
everyone wanna know where i’m finna bomb ’em
f_ck mall pigga
i don’t even knock ’em
i just threw the metal at the house and watch it bomb, sh_t, i’m the given
y_y_you don’t even cop sh_t
i was walkin ’round with the mop finna bop sh_t
you just one more opp b_tch
one more piggy taken down, ricky robby rop sh_t
it’s a top b_tch, i got hot b_tch
call me a new faker, but i’m just a topic
you don’t lock it, make us flop yeah
i’m still here and you fail again
its not hard yeah, you fell on it
learn the hard b_tch, i’m not starve b_tch
i write off b_tch, you a fault in
i just got in, you_a sloppin
hate yo comments, and yo art b_tch
you a mark b_tch, i’m a cart b_tch
you a start b_tch, i’ma start b_tch

[verse 2 _ sg_masterpigman]
and i just met you yesterday, but you hit everything
you are my new problem, it’s just my plan to me
i don’t need to constant hate, but you’re the faulty, and i’m just tryna master 8
8 piggy maps, lets run the list: station to forest to school, to f_ck yo b_tch
gallery about me, you’re just the carnival
i’m at the mall in the city
distorted memory
you ever see me? i’m in your laundry
stealin’ ya internet just to play some good ol’ piggy
you don’t understand what type of dude i be
i’m just the goated one, the big ass sg
[verse 3 _ sg_masterpigman]
yuh, do you ever see the stars, a billion of me are shining bright like a car_
_’s headlights, as i hit you with my whip, you never mess with me, the goated one b_tch
i’d like to end off this song with a trillion f_ckin’ bombs (bang bang)
i’m not the one who respects, i’m just the one who runs and takes your racks

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