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sean slick – wish كلمات اغاني


from the south side
wishing he was 6’5
with a b_tch with some thick thighs and some squint eyes
a couple mill in the safe
cause i feel to be great
in a time where it’s a h_ll of a wait
just be on your lonesome
in the cold stung
from the wind of october
wishing for a rover
huh as i get older
sh_t get real funny
stop capping like this ain’t about money
where the love gone
where the sk!ll gone
now it’s all clubbing, turning girls on til the dusk dawn
i mean who’s complaining
man i used to aim
for that number 1 spot
made me vex mate
i used to rap on trap
just to stay relevant
sh_t was so easy
became hesitant
when they hear this track they gon say it’s boom bap
to overlook the fact
it hard to rap
such a shame man
ain’t the same fam
you a caveman
im a made man
girls raise your hand
if you wish your man could pay your bills
and cater to your needs
feet up
you can chill
just to see you on your knees, with your hair back emotionally
4 legs like the doggystyle horizontally
it’s hardly rock science
i go hard freestyling
profiling like i’m flair
in real timing
cold f_cking n_gga
like jack the ripper
see leng tings
sean sl!ck be getting pick of the litter
just be liking them thicker
or looking like alicia lehman
or chloe bailey
it really don’t phase me
maybe it’s the l_st, maybe then i t’s a wish
in this life
to be set
and affect those who want the same sh_t
then it’s time to fight that envious itch
and tryna escape out of this matrix glitch
just a f_cking wish

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