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scammlikeelyy – finance كلمات اغاني


[intro: scammlikeelyy]
(it’s a wayne beat)
(pablo, you so raw)
(this a h_lluva beat, baby)

[verse 1: scammlikeelyy]
i’m ot on the road with a cash card
these rap n_ggas cap, but i’m real as my last bar
i just financed a h_llcat, i like fast cars
i just put it in sport, it’s like nascar
i just put a birdie in the game, i’m past par
been had the new escalade, that’s my last car
been knew i was gon’ get money ’cause i planned far
i can still ball on the bench, let my man start
i can show you how to get some money off cpn
ssn validator, usin’ a vpn
i just tried merge the info and made a twin
i just attached a trade line, the credit in
i just hit on fanduel, i’m finna bet again
at the chase clearin’ a check ’cause they let me win
i’ll smack her in her face if she say “what?” again
you wanna learn how to scam, we gotta jump you in
i’m on the road with a punch, i got fire bins
rich n_gga spinnin’ some bands for some tire spins
apple just dropped some new phones and we got ’em in
tee pulled up with some hoes, so we brought ’em in
i’m in the d with louie ray and ran into peezy
if you wanna learn how to scam, i can teach you easy
if you got a bank log, then it’s easy breezy
b_tch, you don’t really know quan ’cause he kinda sleazy
i’m out in brockton with some ‘bows with my n_gga sneezy
told him i could get twenty phones and he didn’t believe me
i got ’em all in one box and it got him cheesin’
if a n_gga ever get the ups, then we gotta get even
[verse 2: louie ray]
yeah, touchdown, i’m tryna receive it (come on)
d_mn near front you a pound ’cause i’m tryna lead you
i know the city dirty, i’m tryna clean it
embarrassed myself and nutted quick, i’m tryna redeem it
yeah, let me hit again
dirt weed, n_ggas go outside and blow with the wind
if i blow once for you to come outside, i ain’t blowin’ again
blunt dropped mid_rotation, she hoeing again
this flint, i ain’t talkin’ ’bout dope, but it’s snowing again
see good at night like an owl, i’m focusing in
too many hoes on my hands, i’m juggling ten
cottonmouth from the drank, i mumbled a ten
turned nine into a dub, i doubled a ten
makin’ plays they ain’t never seen, they huddled again
ain’t shot sh_t in a while, i’m down to show off my jumper again
i know i did once, but i’ma give her my number again (one more time)

[verse 3: babyfxce e]
i heard n_ggas on my head, so i brought dude out
forgot the glock up at the crib, i whipped the rug’ out
she used to be friendly, i gave her d_ck and now she rude now
me, boogz, and scam did a session, tore the booth down
i used to only like chargers, i like coupes now
he thought he bought a four, but it was a two, he chugged a deuce down
this b_tch a semi_auto and a fully, it make two sounds
them n_ggas think we in the same crib, we at a new house
n_gga, yeah, we got a new location
if i drop my lo’, don’t come, ’cause i got shooters waiting
we took the cruise to the islands, i’ve been through jamaica
whoever win get five dollars, i got ooters racing
all day outside your crib, boy, my shooters patient
i’m really n_ggas’ nightmares, i got shooters pacing
if i get in a relationship, then my boo done laced me
seventy_two hours at the spot, i been booming lately
lil’ n_gga, i been booming lately
i been selling pounds a zip, i don’t move no eighthies
sick she sucked so much f_ckin’ d_ck, her back tooth been achin’
teach a lil’ n_gga how to use a switch, man, the shooter strainin’
(is this a scam?)