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samsons – devil’s box كلمات اغاني


i’ve been living in devil’s box ’till today
i want to go out, i want to break free
crawling desperately for mercy,
for blessing from above
yes, i’ve been addicted
yes, i can’t denied
that i just want to survive, survive

save me,
oh.. somebody please pull me out from inside
save me,
release me now, extract me out
save me,
oh.. somebody please take me out
save me,
just want to feel alive

reff :
hear me screaming
crushed into the bone
‘till the last drop, ’till the last tear drop
find me wondering
when this pain’s going to end
watch me bleeding
’till death comes by

sind and l-st just makes me blined
now i end up begging and whining
living soul i became so pricy when you wan it back
and yes, i’m full of regrets
and yes, i wish i could turn back time now
i just want to survive, survive