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sam r i – roc deal كلمات اغاني


“to attack without knowing the enemy’s strength is foolish
after being warned, to still attack, is stupid
people who are that stupid just don’t deserve to live.”

[verse 1]

pop steal do you dirty for a hot meal
sellin soda got me money like a pop deal
tell ya mans next word he get his top peeled
doin rock deals bangin body count’s cop k!lls

young and wildin we was hoppin off that porch fast
snuck in cribs grabbed jewels and they wore a mask
bus ride 2 dollars made 4 racks
tore a pack open left resi on the doormat

black truck, black bags, and a black mask
saran wrapped sevеral packs in a black van
grab a tec, couldn’t sleep me evеn at a bed
grab a vest, it won’t help im aimin at ya head

i been k!llin y’all a while i ain’t even tired
god body with a vision from a demon’s eyes
creep at night hustle tryna get a pizza slice
now i’d probably buy that parlor with my feature price
[scratches by deadplantt]

[verse 2]

dropped the nickz bag since then it’s a wrap for you f_ckers
white chalk, toetags, im baggin you suckers
stack a few hunnids till im seein inaccurate numbers
magazine tucked in jean pockets and hammers be buckin

cheffin drugs im an alchemist of sorts
i been hot and i been flyer than a falcon wit a torch
finest wine sippin out the chalice wit the pork
you a coward and a dork i’ll send you grounded to da lord fast

worked too hard to lose my green
see us dudes get mean, dont confuse the team
see how i move with heat, and know where you kids sleep
i roll up and give it to you like uber eats, easy

then put that fork in my food
i eat whatever i k!ll it’s probably pork on my spoon
dry snow, wet rock, thought im forming a pool
i’ll kick ya man’s ribs open like a door at saloons easy

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