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salimata – g00dayii كلمات اغاني


get my nails did, when the days done
smooth walker, call me pantheress
and then you say something, and i’m hoping i’m the only one
like the holy sun, let you keep that nana wet
since you holding pack of ton, i could be dramatic
or we could have some fun, i’m into theatrics for playing
make me, let me show you some magic
come here baby, i just sent the addy
you know lately, i’ve been craving on some real sh_t
waiting on some big d_ck, he dropped the dunduns
now i’m thinking, “how the h_ll it’s gonna fit?”
make me get a little groove, giving me a little tune
d_mn i think i really like, like the way this n_gga move
and he always feed me food, so you know i eat it up
and i think i’m going crazy cause’ i like how he heat it up
when he rollin’ us a spliff, okay i think i said enough
bout’ to say some other sh_t, time to go get me some bucks
oh yeah he sent me money moves, i’m sorry i had to say that too
now back to me being cute, song got me in a bad b_tch move
d_mn i can’t stop thinking about this n_gga, i think he put on me voodoo
crazy if i say i like it, i think it’s really cute
he teaching me to play some pool, after he go for a swim
take me out to eat and then, ordered me another gin
time to call my b_tches up, tell them who this n_gga is
i know they gonna say they sh_t, all up in my ear they biz
meant to say buzz like a bee, think the drink get into me
you know where the liquor go, close the curtain, end the show
without you in my life
what am i to do?
cause my_
_thout you in my life
what am i to do?

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