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ryleigh_arrow15 – energy! كلمات اغاني


verse 1:
hmm, how to begin this?
getting ready to win this
this rap business be energisin this
brain of mine, you gotta take your time
if you wanna be a rap mastermind
my whole life’s my time to shine
writin rhymes is the thing for me
i got a taste, now i be having it for every meal
this is real for me!
been writing raps since age 8
whatever i be doing, i ain’t fake
when i write im not the type to think straight
im a wavy line, been being drawn a bit over a decadе
dont care if i get hate
got dust on my brakеs
rarely ever use ’em cos im go_go_go with the flows
place your bets how many records will ash break?
i rap like im a machine gun
this like a lyrical fun run
im not done, not by a long shot
fire sign, my bars hot

rock it like a sp_ceman
i can rap at supersonic speed_ sega!
got mega_drive, mega dedication
im an alpha thats my generation
makin songs and playin playstation
keep rollin like bizkit and banana mania
proud to be weird, stand with yungblud
call me hamilton, not throwing away my shot


thank you louie le vack
for helping me improve my sk!lls at rap
hope you get the recognition you deserve