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ryan lerman – learning how to swim كلمات اغاني


you know she’s got this way about her
i don’t think i can live without her now
i didn’t always feel this way but now i don’t know what to say
i tried to test the water and fell in
and now i guess i’m learning how to swim

you know there’s something strange about her
all i did at first was doubt her, its true
i tried to keep her at arms length i tried and tried with all my strength
but the air has left this raft we’re floating in
so now i guess i’m learning how to swim
left stroke, right stroke _ take it easy
don’t hold your heart too high
don’t be careful, don’t be scared of what you might imply

you know we’ve got this chеmistry
i’m not sure what came over mе to prove
you’d think that i’d be sleeping better
she tried to leave i wouldn’t let her
the future could be bright or mighty dim
well, either way i’m learning how to swim
yeah now i guess i’m learning how to swim