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rupaul – (here it comes) around again كلمات اغاني


“(here it comes) around again”

out on my own shadow dancing, until you stepped into the light
so what do you know, guess i got lucky. a subtle invitation saved my life

and so we fall before we stand. the strong give in but never surrender
we cry so hard until we laugh, and try to love again

so here it comes around again. heartbeat fast, my head is spinning
here it comes around again. round and round and round we’re spinning
and we danced to the beat of the heart… feels like being in love

for so long i’ve been waiting, waiting for a chance to set things right
truth be told, i had a vision. you and me dancing into the night

when the love comes back and the way is clear
all the world is love and you’ve lost your fear
it’s a second chance, and the chances are {love came back for you}
you will follow through – cause it’s who you are

here it comes around, here it comes again

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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