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royal headache - really in love (live on wfmu) lyrics


wfmu is proud to present
all the way from sydney, australia
royal headache

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
yeah, yeah

maybe you think your kind are forever
taking two hearts and puttin’ ’em together
maybe you think you’re a wise guy
but are you really in love?
are you really in love?

maybe you think you’re smart
maybe she broke your heart
i know she did
now you’ve been played for a fool, boy, hey
but are you rеally in love?
are you really in lovе?

she is just too much
and he ain’t got enough, oh no

are you really in love?

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
pass you by
make you feel uncool
and look a fool
it’s you she wants
and you should know what to do
hey, hey, hey

really in love
really in love
really in love

you’re listening to cherry blossom clinic
with terre t, this is a new one

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