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roennreeds – jordan peterson vs destiny: the rap battle كلمات اغاني


[intro: jordan peterson (roennreeds)]
sit down son
and let me tell you a tale
’bout how to rescue your father
from the belly of the whale
i travel the world filling stadiums wherever i go
meanwhile your wife’s getting f_cked
while you’re playing factorio?

[verse 1: jordan peterson (roennreeds)]
bis_xual, blue hair, leftist, yep
you check all the boxes
for bpd, autism, and being obnoxious
think because you talk fast
and pull optical tricks
you’re saying anything of substance?
well, suck my d_ck!
forty years i studied philosophy
and discovered the fact
that my highest moral impеrative
is kicking your ass
and saving the west from postmodеrn neo_marxists like you
you left your webcam on steven
how ’bout you clean your room?
when i’m finished with you, i will have converted your fans
they’ll be so moved by my arguments
that they’ll stop being trans
i offer young men hope, meaning
knowledge and facts
your fans watch you defend incest?
yeah, good luck with that
[interlude: jordan peterson (roennreeds)]
sorry steven
you know i had to do it to ya
oh, oh god!

[verse 2: destiny (ai)]
i’m a little disappointed
i thought we were here to debate
’bout the metaphysics of the back of my hand meeting your face
not listen to dog sh_t ad homs while you try not to cry
but if you want to make this blood sports
you picked the wrong guy!
every time i see you you’re f_cking crying and b_tching and seething
and sucking the c_ck of a religion you don’t even believe in
and losing your license?
soon they’re gonna rescind your diploma
when i’m finished with you
you’ll wish that you were back in a coma
you were semi_coherent as a professor back in the day
before your obsession with d_ck surgery rotted your brain
the benzos f_cked your mind jordan
you can’t get back on top of this
leave you sucking d_ck for percocets
like milo yiannopoulos
there was hasan, vaush, bob7, max and yourself
when the manifesto drops you’ll be another notch in the belt
and when it’s all over jordan
you ain’t gettin’ to heaven
’cause you just got your ass wrecked
by a dude who’s 5’7″
[interlude: destiny (ai) & jordan peterson (roennreeds)]
okay, well, it was nice knowing you my duderino
i’m gonna go play league now
not so fast, steven
i have one more verse

[verse 3: jordan peterson (roennreeds)]
goin’ after my addiction
man that just feels wrong
must be hard livin’ in that 6’3″ shadow of hasan
i’d stick around longer steven
but i have lessons to teach
while melina gets trains ran on her by aba and preach
you f_ckin’ starcraft nerd
you think you’re smarter than me?
i taught at harvard b_tch
i have a phd
you want to cancel me?
watch me for freudian slips?
how about you keep your girl
off of this canadian d_ck!

[verse 4: destiny (ai)]
i bang onlyfans models every night of the week
your fans only give ’em money
for a peek of their feet
i wreck conservatives by day
wreck p_ssy by night
and at least people actually wanna f_ck my wife
i built leftist youtube in the conservative age
while you’ve regressed to piaget’s preoperational stage
you used to be a professor
but you just got outclassed
so take your metaphysical substrate
and shove it right up your ass!
[outro: destiny (ai)]
that’s d to the double g, b_tch

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