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roblox – realdjmik raps2 كلمات اغاني


chain gang, lil mik call me lil drop
didn’t see yo ish to be stopped
bust that pic of her (…) im fast like the flash
bubbles going in the water like, splash!
ayy ayy ayy ayy okay yuhh! turn up!
its lil drop roasting yeah dat way unh!
when you rap n-body stands up
you were only here cause mariah wears the pants huh?
bit bit yeah, ay this my stage
im real lit im finna get yo rage, boww!
rolly with the dropgang dab, i got my crew
taking some ish plus yo face look new
cmon lets take a pic #dropgang
you can see me at meep city you look tang
bih my hits look cool to drop some fire
tryna make yo fam into a vampire
this ish think he can rap when he do cringe stuff
you know im lit to do ding stuff

please get yo raps outta the other day
yea dat way, young boy can’t even rap sway
yea dat way, going with my dj
yea dat way, haters gon hate cause i made dat
yo, bacon is cool them bacon are lit
ayy, i am winning yeah and im not losing
work this ish like we gon boot in
this thing this thing goes out to all my fans
this thing this thing going hard as f34k danm!
wonder why you here cause you can go suck a d
haters gon hate cause they hopping to me
hey lil mik and zay pro go juju on dat beat, ayeeeee