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ridgio – camouflage كلمات اغاني


gotta show these n_ggas how we do it you know
can’t n0body do it better

use my skin as camouflage
i move like a phantom
make melodies for all my k!llers
if not they’ll throw a tantrum
it’s like when you get your sh_t together they wanna take advantage
that made me lose my manners
that made me say f_ck your standards
fake love don’t feel so enamored
off on a tangent
i just take a loss and i manage
i don’t see results
but i manage the average advice seems so outlandish
i’m scared of bеing average
america triеd to tell me i’m a b_st_rd
that sh_t a make ya put a n_gga in a casket, this life’s short but the pain is everlasting
crossing the quantum line
the cost is a prosthetic process it at another time
what’s a guy got to do to get what i want
sh_t i know the ins and outs i’ve seen it multiply
need green m’s like a sports drink sponsored by
rice puerto rican and it’s better than your aunties house
i just heard your cd and it sounded like a 45
here for a reason but forgot because i s
smoke a lot
oh yeah it just came to me
even red hats hate my speech
three people going to like it
the rest care less bout me
ok, less bout me, back to your roger rabbit ass live in fantasies
caught the k!ller in the vanity
y’all go fill it in the penalty

everyday a new insanity
walked a mile on the track
imma centipede
look and see im everything i planned to be
specifically planned this out
hm at 17

lately i been moving on to better things
i been committed
this pen my wedding ring
i been with scooby_doo
we been meddling
they tell us to get
and we just get better (ding)

one day
i’ll kick my feet up
i’m settling
i use to pan handle
now they can’t handle me
i can’t cap
you will not see a hat on me
yall do this casually
i stack up casualties

back in school
you the type to be tattling
i threw hands
had to see who im battling
nowadays if you try
can’t get none outta me
i know myself
i studied my anatomy