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ridgeway – hillstreet كلمات اغاني


am i the only one who’s sick of falling?
i tried to catch myself but i’ve been on the ground
i know it’s good for my back
know i’ll probably be back soon
but i’m used to
used to a fall
i’m tethered to you by default

we’ll learn to pass endeavors
we’ll learn to live together

it’s just a breath away and i’m breaking through
you’re at the hillstreet blue

can you fake it till you make it?
you’ll have the time to look back on your life
you’ll have something to say
i left a journal in the back room of the bar that day

take this erase it in case i stay faceless
i’m floating and weightless
i’m burning through the days in a haze i am lost and afraid
i will always reaming in the ever growing haze

it’s been stuck inside my brain
i had no chance to escape so i’ll always remain
what did they say that made you go away?