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renfield – someday كلمات اغاني


every morning when i see your face again
it leaves me filled with deprise
between your eyes shines a symbol of slavery
still burning deeper inside

it’s you that i’m running for
you that i try to reach
you that i wanna see dying
you ti bear all the shame
you know that you’ll take the blame
you, all your hiding’s in vain
when i first made your countenance in a dream
woke up shivering and scared
but waking up wasn’t quite what it seemed to be
still see your smile everywhere

it’s you

someday, someday when i will rеturn you’ll see
that my conscience has learnеd
though it’s such a shame that only losing secures me from pain
over and over again the game
keeps on repeating the claim
that it has on my mind _ not willing to let go again

where does it lead me to?
to heaven or h_ll, will our souls be combined
or float away like ships without sail?


every morning the mirror’s still in it’s place
but i won’t risk a glance
knowing that he is me, while i’m inside of him
cursed invisible chains