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red ninja - kreeky the musical! (vol 2) lyrics


(verse 1)
kreekcraft, i ran out of my robux yesterday
there’s too many items in the shop i can’t buy!
all i need is like a $100 robux card
that would be the best day ever!

(verse 2)
timmeh, i wish we we’re not next door neighbors
i can’t tell when you’ll show up in my house!
it really freaks me out, and kayla can’t sleep at night!
timmeh, you better go to bed right now, son!

kreek, i promise this will be the one and only time
all i want to do is go to bed but i can’t!
kreek and i are best friends until the end!
would someone please tell me why kreek and timmeh are both singing? (now i am too.)

oh kreekcraft, will you just answer i just need some robux!
who is it babe, it’s 3am and i just wanna go to sleep
oh it’s just timmeh, he just probably wanting something free
come on kreekcraft, will you pick up and just talk to me!
kreek, pick it up right now, i’m starting to go crazy!

hey timmeh, is everything okay?
yep, you got any robux you don’t need?
go to sleep, timmeh
okay, ‘night kreek

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