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red letter agent – hide your love away كلمات اغاني


i’d like to show you this world without pain,blue skies
at dawn
’cause i could have swore i saw you looking down,
for i don’t know
i’ve felt the weight that held you down,
it’s losing its hold
’cause when you don’t know
i’m asking, i’m begging you to
please don’t hide your love from me
’cause i’ve been walking in my sleep

please don’t hide your love away
’cause i’ve been tripping on the pain
i’ve seen your world under a glare of loneliness
bound to p-ss by
and i’ve felt the rain that dropped you down,
it’s losing control
’cause when you don’t know
i want you, i’m begging you to
i’m here trying to save you
trying to hold your head above
hold me when your down love
we could turn it all around