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red cafe – the motto كلمات اغاني


the motto

popping champagne, like a champion
heard the club popping so i came to do the d-mn thing
dope dealer, the girls want since the nba lock, got them looking like
hey drizzy, me and on the beach, making girls get silly over some
money money, money money money,
they heard my team got a whole lot of money
i got a condo out cost it pretty penny
actually 2 nickels, hey, f-ck it
it’s mine, i spend it, just tell the waitress
more bottles, send it
boss, been that a long time and my j-panese b-tch love me long time
out front dream long live
when i’m on the bill might need a blue pill
i, did i say that?

met a new b-tch heard she a hoe, oh well
we be thugging, shout town thugging with my n-gg- will sanders
shout town clubbing, tell kobe not a ball free
day time i’m, occupying wall street
new york city, every god d-mn i rap new york city
now she wanna f-ck though, you already know though
she looking like a star and i’m trying to make a p-rno
and i’m bout it every day, every day, every day,
lately, i’m the coach, now i don’t really play
every day, every day, every day
f-ck what anybody say,
can’t see me cause money in the way
shake down, what’s up, yeah
huh, what’s up, like that, like that w-ssup