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realrichizzo – welcome to inkster (intro) كلمات اغاني


welcome to inkster
(hmm, atl)
real wild, man, r.i.p. jumpout
free key, free lik
i did it, we did it
this one for the hood, for my dukes, for the guys

grew up in the town, put my city on the map
knew i was gon’ be rich, never thought it was off rap
i just was stealin’ bikes, now i’m ridin’ ’round in ‘cats
ever since my pops died, i put my mama on my back
had to take a different route, i seen the road closin’
slept in the kitchen with no heat, we left the stove open
back then they used to blow me off, now all the hoes on mе
n_gga, i was finished, now i walk ’round with a dud pokin’
the bills due, i’m still young, that’s too much for mе to handle when all the lights was off, we used to walk ’round with a candle dukes called and told me, “unc’, died,” that sh_t was random
i lost the fight if i was grown, i would’ve bullied down on cam
now we got ‘cats, scats, tracks, don’t need strikers, we got ’em all (uh_huh)
if you don’t want your head tapped, n_gga, don’t get involved (n_gga)
fifty on ’em, when the job done, give me a call (give)
jumpout gang, this ain’t a drive_by, we finna talk (n_gga)
on facetime, we back_to_back in v’s, i’m off a burner phone (uh_huh)
switch seats at the drop, be on your side, this one personal
shot an opp, they said he almost healed, he sound like durkio (get it)
got discharge, can’t go back to the crib, he in a nursing home
i’m lurkin’ on ’em
don’t jump out, i’ma k!ll ’em, i just merched it on ’em (i’m on feet)
n_ggas out here swear they duckin’ feds, man, they workin’ for ’em (n_ggas’ rats)
spin the block, if she don’t come outside, then i’m erkin’ on her (skrrt)
goin’ up, just put a b_tch on stage, she started twerkin’ on me cuban came from wafi (yeah), pina came from hutch (uh_huh)
i’m havin’ trials, b_tch, don’t come and f_ck the team, she gettin’ cut
rich as f_ck, feds tryna sit me down, now i’m up (i’m runnin’ up)
just bought a b_tton and a brand new 27, who tryna bump?
r.i.p., ask them boys who did that, i was on feet (chop ’em out)
ain’t no schools in my hood, got a diploma out the streets (uh_huh)
brought the “brrt” in the club, yeah, free my n_gga lee (brrt)
had to chill out for a minute, we been jumpin’ out for weeks (n_gga)
y’all n_ggas already know what the f_ck goin’ on
we the biggest, man, free the belts, we the belts
n_gga, r.i.p. jumpout, free me, free key, free everybody, n_gga
y’all know what the f_ck goin’ on
ain’t sh_t changed, n_gga, chops still bang, chops still slang
lil’ n_gga, i’ll be home in a minute
welcome to inkster, n_gga

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