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ray lamontagne – god willin’ & the creek don’t rise كلمات اغاني


“god willin’ & the creek don’t rise”


in the mountains the sun sets up in ribbons so high, it’s like i don’t never wanna get old… don’t ever wanna die. we been seein’ steady rain, ’bout to drive us all insane, nearly lost a few head up in the pines. at night, when some of the boys get to talking up their girls back home, you know i tell ’em there ain’t none as fine as mine. i can hear old chapman sayin’ come morning we’ll break the range, be pushin’ hard now for the plains.

i close my eyes and i can see you… i close my eyes and i can feel you here. god willin’ an the creek don’t rise, i’ll be home again before this time next year. though i fear this fever won’t break…

-all my love