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ray bandoz – clout كلمات اغاني


you gotta be kidding !
i’m k!lling jokers i’m getting this chicken
completed my mission

i’m all about skrila these n-gg-s is sleeping
my vision make money my money make visions

i was destined to get it
your b-tch never loved you
my n-gg- she with it you better
think twice

i knew it was a go when she looked at my ice she can suck on
my d-ck if she talk to me nice
whoe yah
everything lit for the night
got a pint of lean mixed up with the

i got two bad b-tches linking up for the night but i sent them to the team cuz they wasn’t my type

just a young n-gg- out here living life
remember them days i couldn’t afford the price and now i’m getting paid overnight what that is that be that be that off white

quit living in the past hating sh-t don’t last why you looking mad go secure a bag all summer i’m been trapping in the lab

f-ck ya n-gg-s doing why’d i even ask

ain’t talking money then stay in your lane

n-gg-s just mad cuz i’m flipping
the game

you was never gang little n-gg- u a stain

act more like p-ssy your father the blame


look how far i done came do it for my city n-gg- f-ck the fame always been weird i cannot change. pop me a bean i feel like dr strange


i’m just chasing large amounts
shorty wanna f-ck let’s make it count we could make a movie while we getting groovy stop acting bougie do it for the clout