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rasheed chappell – degrees كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: rasheed chappell]
i’m cold blooded, old hunnids i still fold ’em
peel onions, bake pies we brick oven taught game
home schooled by old gunners
black gods, ansars and road runners, slugs and prayer rugs
know halal haram, the mosque, qu’ran
dons the cons, i know ’em all
the laws of power, know the god’s degree
the b’s the c’s, d’s and the triple o.g.’s
i was raised on a block where the rock got chipped off
lift off when the flame hit the glass pipe, flash ice
get your head taken clean off
seem soft, f_ck around get your lunch took
crooks, i ran with ’em, still i stand with ’em
hoеs we expose and of coursе i ran in ’em
a man of honor, certain code i would die for
the hawks out l!ckin’ shots like july fourth
would fry for all my n_ggas ‘fore i point fingers
before i turn state, before i start singing
my acapellas is rockefeller, they worth gold
hold scriptures in my cerebellum
the book of eli in levi’s
my timbs unlaced, my lp’s lb’s
my pen push weight
the don cornel, superfly ron o’neal
this is high science, i record in a lab coat
my dope digital streamed and download
i came to conquer and i’m sponsored by a gunshot
bang bang the chain hang and charm glow
like king tut and my mind’s like a brinks truck
and every night’s like a highlight reel, i’m where the cameras at
out in dubai riding camelback
this for miramax, made for the big screen
my lines measured, weighed on a triple beam, narcotic
see me stunting’ on the red carpet
narcs watch keep the funds untraced
with god’s grace, manipulate sounds and shapes
with the cadence of a razor blade cuttin’ through flake
now bag up
[verse : o.c.]
ugh, along side the young god, we call him r_a_s_h double e_d
when one’s done the other’s in snipe mode
k!ll shot with the venom top hand
designed for extreme long range operations
bussin’s my occupation, verbal carnage
step up to either step to the challenge
or back down bow or pay homage
talkin’ literal or physical, word for word verbatim
no denyin’ this fly sh_t for your fitted picture
mitch_ll & ness along side stall & dean
parading through these streets like the gras in new orleans
back biters have a whole lot to say ’till you confront ’em
when i ask what’s the problem tough stares turn to soft looks
brings out the other side of mush flashbacks with the hoodie on
committing a juxx yeah, my past inequities
i consider human rights violations when i dwell back
fast forward 23 years later they calling me an unsung rap icon
but them titles, i ignore ’em beginning in ’85
when i first heard “the show” by the get fresh crew
decided this is where my path goes
green lit by the kane far as rap goes
cadence rhythm technique came natural
landscapes of ny became my canvas for me to paint pictures
evoke scripture, cult following like the fl!ck pulp fiction
the syllables my name spell out
gives you a detailed description
involves mind body and spirit
what you hear and what you seeing in the flesh
is true to form, it’s no smoke and mirrors
if you confused take a sec to clear your head and get your bearings
the vvs1 thoughts i magnify clarity and higher grade
narratives another format, elite status
wove by the silk fabric when that mic cl!cked on
i get belligerent magnifico
a modern day initiatives
to make sure y’all hit rewind
just in case you n_ggas missed something