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r. stevie moore – sentimental ties كلمات اغاني


when a cell divides
the replicators rave about the change
yet no ones taking sides

you walk around the zoo
and throw a piece of meat inside the cage
it’s where you’ll soon reside

papers on the floor and, yes, the doors are open wide
you can see the hips revolving
as the sunset slowly dies
patients in their rooms
the orderlies are burning up the trays
they wavе a fond goodbye

lunch will now be servеd
an empty bowl of nothing with your name
and mirrors to remind

we attempt to fill the cupboard
as the china fell
so they cut the lines of credit
and we tumble into h_ll

oh, sentimental ties!
oh, sentimental ties!

keep the liquor pourin’, baby, oh!
keep that champagne flowin’, baby, oh!

towers shining lights
the guards are paid to keep you in the stands
you’re always in their sights
one time long ago
you told them you liked working with your hands
much to their delight
the sentimental fools
the sentimental hides
the sentimental loops
the sentimental ties

time to crack the whip
the buggy ride was bumpy to the end
the travel agent lied
the sentimental tick
the sentimental tock
the sentimental talk
the sentimental walk
the sentimental ties!