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pridebowl – the artificial town كلمات اغاني

don’t you know you’re all hypocrites wrapped up neatly in a tight wad
of sh-t
unhappy goin’, the days disappear and faster than that, your minds
thinking unclear
life is a race car in a hurry to the finish
and don’t you know, beauty’s the new concrete and gl-ss skyscr-per?
? they? just built
some blocks from the sun
artificial surrounds you when that’s where you dwell
the artificial town, the artificial town
that’s where you drown living in a big city town
it’s h-ll in artificial town, that’s where you drowned
when you’re rushing around the roadblocks in the middle of town
the artificial town
and don’t you know, you’re all humans wrapped
in a plastic coating that melts in your mouth, not in your hands
and haven’t you heard, there is a world outside of your own
where tulips grow wild and animals roam and life is slow
and don’t you know
there is a place where people come first
where the meat is fresh, the water is clean, where freedom belongs to
the earth
but it’s not your godd-mn fault, when that’s where you dwell
submissive smiling, att-tude flaunting, arrogant, fake t-ttied, hair implanted
cellulite swollen, denture mouth, greasy, hamburger eating, false enchanting
life rushing, -ss kicking,? h-llo, how are you?, nice to meet you, you
look so good
pieces of sh-t so fake like you, like you really f-ckin’ care
that’s where you drowned
that’s where you live
and it’s where you’ll die
in the artificial town

/ pridebowl