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pod gods – the final piece [bonus track] كلمات اغاني


[verse 1: xaniel aka lil hermes]

i am a copy cat
don’t got my own sh-t
but don’t be fooled
because i’m sure that this track will still make a hit
i”m a kid
skinny, white, but i am not a f-cking pimp
this may be true
but i will f-ck your b-tch until she starts to limp
i got cash
b-tches got some s-ss
smoking on the gas
yeah i got asthma
but that don’t mean that i won’t smoke your f-cking -ss
it’s that shady kid
with a sh-tty life
don’t go causing trife
or i’ll end your life
with a god d-mn f-cking knife

[verse 2: cryptxckey aka hal two hunnit]

yeah it’s kphix
f-ck a mother f-cking juul up in this b-tch
yeah i’m promoting sh-t
call that sh-t a god d-mn sales pitch
i’m on that fifty nic sh-t
anything lower i might quit
must admit
i feel like a king when i am with your b-tch
call me yung cryptxckey
and i got xaniel on the beat
don’t you see
it’ll cost a check just so you feature me
it’s that skinny motherf-cker
and i got nothing to hide
got your hoe up in my ride
and she tells me ’bout what hurts inside
it’s my fist rap so i know
that it may not be that great
but you do what you want just know
that i will see through all the hate
and i’m out this b-tch
i ain’t got no time to say goodbye
just know that soon enough
i’ll be back up in the f-cking spot