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phenomena – god forgives كلمات اغاني


we’re talking ’bout
child prost-tution
kids as young as eight years old
don’t close your eyes
it ain’t an illusion
we’re living in a world
without a soul

used and abuse
just for the money
objects of obsession
l-st and s-x
jesus said
suffer little children
seems he’s forgotten
oh god what’s next ?

life corrupts
it can kill you
what prince innocence
empty eyes
show no emotion
childhood’s now
a world away

you grow up fast
living in a ghetto
through the tears
learn to survive
jesus christ
they’re only children
is this price
to stay alive

it’s the death
of all innocence
the corruption
os a child
in a world
without comp-ssion
running wild

god forgives
god forgives
god forgives
who forgives god ?