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peter evrard – let me take you through the night كلمات اغاني


hey can’t you hear the sirens call
the crooked trail of rise and fall
the way that life can get you down
the way it lifts you off the ground
out of the blue this rivers flows
a destiny n-body knows
the thin blue line of love and hate
to change betrayal into faith

in every darkness there’s a light
a guiding flame from me to you
so let me take you through the night
and i will make these shadows bright
and i will tell you what to do
let me take you through the night
another time, another place
when hope is lost without a trace
into deep to reach the sh-r-
you can come knocking on my door
when your mind is in confusion
heartbroken, lost illusions
don’t be scared, depend on me
finding perfect harmony
ooh left with empty hands
ooh no-one understands
hold on till the break of day
i will show you how
you will find your way