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perswayziv – that’s why كلمات اغاني



this is not a diss record
this is me showing my versatility

now with that bein said
you are responsible for your own opinions
use them wisely


that’s why real rap can’t make it
too many wack rappers saturate the rap game
now i just listen my daily dose of entertainment
still tryn see how some of ni– even made it

ain’t no ambition
these ni– jut wanna ticket in the game
to meet other celebrities to kick it

to h-ll with all records and hard efforts
i just need one hot record
man that’s some bullsh-

instead of selling records that last forever
you rather make money off one best seller
see now i’m confused
bcuz making it to the rap game
was suppose to be some so special

i can’t even ride to this new sh-
becuz their was no effort
i can’t even vibe to this new sh-
the whole alb-m sound like you yelling

how do you comply
when you can’t understand
what the h-ll they be saying
on they got d-mn records

how do you reply to a beef
when the metaphors in ya d-mn songs
hold no leverage

all i hear is mixtape after mixtape after mixtape
tryn give the generation credit
in return
i hear bullsh- after bullsh- after bullsh-
no wonder why records ain’t selling

where are the artist who put the time in the craft
to create good music touching every d-mn level
where are the real mcs writing that ill sh-
i mean bar after bar homie they k!lls it

go cop it off the shelf
cuz it’s rare to hear that ill sh-
an you ain’t gotta be high to try to feel it
it’s hard not to give credit to when the real spit
new day rap ni- please hit the k!ll switch

this ain’t a diss song
but most of you a take me wrong if it hits home
you might even try to respond with ya punchlines
but like always i don’t waste rhymes

we on sway time
ya lyrics are misunderstanding i can facetime
cuz i don’t waste 16s on a fake rhymer
and i don’t waste studio time creating drama

i was built from
from the mother- bottom


and that’s hiphop
yea from the mother– bottom
this is hiphop
i take this hip hop serious ni-
i was built from the bottom
now that’s hip hop
you ain’t hip hop

that’s rap but ni- this is hiphop


look at my wrist watch
ooh noo the rollie don’t tick tock
flooded in all gold
some like neosoul
bring out the old and bless us with real hiphop

we need a bigpac a nas mix it with the mosdef
we need jay to call a flag on the play
he gave us blueprints and they still out of date
they might get close, but never win all the way

i put a percentage of everything that i make
on hiphop’s greatest, 100 percent
put em under one roof
a mother– new element is created

regenerate the energy of hiphop
but don’t confuse my real for being f–n bitter
now that’s the kinda thinking
keep them ni– in the middle
no that’s the kinda thinking
keep them ni– in they feelings

my ni- i am hiphop


i take this hiphop serious

that’s rap but ni– i am hiphop

/ perswayziv