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penny the goat – #tentoeschallenge كلمات اغاني


my girl’s love is the kind you would k!ll for it/
ain’t got the best looks but to me she still gorgeous/
she made me forget where my poverty been/
with her eyes and her hair got that strawberry scent/
it was, the perfect mixture of colors to paint the perfect picture/
i ain’t trying to just ride the wave, but to surf it with her/
she the type to make you think it was cool/
to hit you up at 3am to skinny dip in the pool/
if she get addicted to drugs then i’ll comfort her/
and protect her from the urges when it comes for her/
she was my best friend, it’s so wild/
that we, together now and i’m ten toes down/
i mean.. i love her more when she acting all cozy/
in my room, while i’m showing off my basketball trophies/
and my kicks and my bathing ape sweater/
i could lose everything now and she would make the days better/
i don’t know where to start/
she’s the light in the addict/
despite what was tragic, she’d fight to fix the hole in my heart/