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​psythoness – rainydays2 كلمات اغاني


more than over, so groan, got to pop tum
lace spliffy in the party, ripping off toes
2031, now the earth is f_cking gone
grain up, fractured into piece of studio
in the party where they asking how you be so slow
godd_mn, they really think i’m slow
leave pain behind, stop, bag of tea, go
i’m so precious, with the green out my eyes, glow
f_ck it up with no battery install
lounging south, biscuits causing me, oh
i’m so broke, so baby let me be alone
come together, make a peace treat, go
hate is planted like a pc, how you know
smilе wide, please don’t lеave me alone
i’m posted in the movie theater show
open carry, closer to my bros