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princexryan – freaking awesome كلمات اغاني


[verse 1]
i’m the highest of a freaking heist fly em if i need a kite
yo girl i treat her right come at me you out of sight
nice kisses and really sweet misses
the same way f-gs come out with our disses
your talking to a kid who’s richer than richie rich
but i’m broke so i’m gonna have to do a hitchy hitch
princexryan yea you heard it right
oxy moron like a 80 year old bride wearing white
tree fell over burn the whole house down
catch me and my friends loitering downtown
oops i mean the 100s hangin in my sp-ce
swag is amazing mine is another race
crashing up and dashing up do you think they had enough
now we taking there honey dips think they had enough of us
breath swag from the core and they asking for more
i’m crazy weird not poor dragging kids on the floor

people hate on me say this beat is freaking awesome
i would date you but i’m freaking awesome
you say your swag nice but mines freaking awesome
hey guess what i’m freaking awesome
i’m freaking awesome dude i’m freaking awesome
i’m freaking awesome homie i’m freaking awesome
i’m freaking awesome kiddo i’m freaking awesome
make me say it one more time i’m just freaking awesome

[verse 2]
awesome awesome c-ck blockers get off em
i would respond back but i think i lost em
ooh yea i lost em that’s really gonna cost em
like a ball player i can already palm em
creating money lyrically taking money seriously
ryan is a menace that’s why they fearing me
everybody feeling like i’m a premature k!lling spree
and my lyrics is gun that keeps on tempting me
look around town yea i see a lot of tens
and i see in doubles like committing sins in twins
too much sk!ll for the haters yea i said right
cause ya boy music like to start street fights
ridin in an enzo man down like money mike
switch to the benzo cause i earthquake the mic
when the quakes done i start a riot with torch
but i’m only 13 can’t sit on my own porch
cause adults are talkin and i ain’t bout it bout it
and i’m confused anyway but still they don’t allow it
realer then the realest so the best in history
but still ain’t rich so groupies do not hit on me
hilfiger she wearing hilfiger arguing about who’s hill bigger
i’m i could get her if i had mill she a gold digger
ima rascal eating and munching on danimals
boo daddy yea i’m a freaking animal
looking up in the air eyes on the sky
don’t care about the prize groupies say hi
if you didn’t say hi then ugly girl bye
i hope you insurance cause i hope you die
oops i said it and yea the lyrics you read it
and yea your reading so my knowledge you feeding
all the girls get on em and the critics get off em
cause first cl-ss go deep and their all freaking awesome

[verse 3]
bragging yea i’m bragging cause when the girls start taggin
they made a website then the boys stry bragging
then when it got lame the boy stopped taggin
and a website brought i back the was facebook
i’m working it hard ending it really lame
cause the first cl-ss come deep and the lyrics the same
song kinda lame gave it a lil wow first cl-ss the best
who you think is winning now