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plies – awesome كلمات اغاني



[talking: plies]
bruh bruh… i am feelin’ myself today bruh
let me tell ya’ll how i really feel bruh

[chorus: x2]
i’m on my new york sh-t
i think i’m hot son
white girls staring at me looking like she lost somethin’
i don’t kno what her problem is i hope she f-ckin’ say somethin’
asked her what da problem
she said you’re f-ckin’ awesome

[verse 1:]
jus brought a drop top
feel like i’m in la
everybody watchin’ me
feel like i’m da movie
homie got his first block
took it from an ol yay
judge asked me who da shooter
told him no comprende
few dudes kinda whack
certain names can’t say
streets won’t hire him
him have no resume
i am not industry
certain games don’t play
met her at da cheese cake
ran through her same day
we kno he sweet
we call him kool-ade
i buy maybach
i don’t buy dolces
half a mili to da side
savin’ it for da court case
i am f-ckin’ awesome dats what da streets say

[chorus x2]

[verse 2:]
i am fish grease
what dat mean?
i’m really hot
no m’s, no placs
what dat mean?
he really not
tight jeans, tight shirts
what dat mean?
he really pop
ten stacks each pocket
what dat mean?
real gowp
3 becky’s one me
what dat mean?
a lot of top
ar a hundred rounds
what dat mean?
a lot of shots
no cred, no stripes
what dat mean?
a lot of talk
a m worth of jewels on
still won’t cool off
i feel bad for him
him he fall off
she said we did it twice
i don’t remember her
my son told his teacher
i got a rich pa
i asked him why he said dat
he said i didn’t lie pa


[verse 3:]
tell da truth don’t lie
who da f-ckin’ man now?
when i shoot i don’t miss
so dat mean no rebound
she said when you beat her
she makes no sound
she get on my nerves
i make her bite a towel
if you got a buzz
means you ain’t sold sh-t clown
he didn’t wanna pay me
so i told him to move rounds
if you don’t wanna talk numbas
catch me when i cool down
i am f-ckin’ awesome
i like how dat sound


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