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pink floyd – radio waves كلمات اغاني


radio waves. radio waves. he hears radio waves. radio waves. the atmosphere is thin and cold the yellow sun is getting old the ozone overflows with radio waves am, fm, weather and news our leaders had a frank exchange of views are you confused, radio waves.

radio waves, radio waves am radio waves, fm radio waves radio waves, mind-numbing radio waves fish-stunning radio waves radio waves.

magic billy in his wheel chair is picking up all this stuff in the air billy is face to face with outer sp-ce messages from distant stars the local police calling all cars, radio waves

hear them radio waves, radio waves jesus saves radio, radio waves radio waves, am radio waves, fm radio waves all them radio waves

radio waves, radio waves, he hears radio waves radio waves, radio waves, hopeful radio waves, dopeful radio waves radio waves, russian radio waves, prussian radio waves eastern radio waves, western radio waves testing radio waves, one two. one two. radio waves. getting through to you more code radio waves, tobacco road radio waves south to paloma radio waves, oklahoma city radio waves sitting pretty radio waves, nitty-gritty radio waves radio waves

jim: alright, that’s a song called radio waves. you are listening to kaos in los angeles and we’ve got billy on the line. billy: i’m from the valleys. jim: you’re from the valley? billy: no, jim you schmuck, the valleys; male voice choirs, wales. jim: ah, you’re from wales! now is this sperm or blue-tip? billy: ha, ha, ha, ha. very funny jim. jim: sorry. billy: me and benny went out. jim: who’s benny?