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peter hollens – phantom of the opera medley كلمات اغاني


in sleep he sang to me
in dreams he came
that voice which calls to me
and speaks my name
and in this labyrinth
where night is blind
the phantom of the opera is there
inside my mind

no more talk of darkness
forget these wide-eyed fears
i’m here
nothing can harm you
my words will warm and calm you
all i want is freedom
a world with no more night
and you
always beside me
to hold me and to hide me
then say you’ll share with me one love
one lifetime
let me lead you from your solitude
and say you need me with you here
beside you
anywhere you go let me go too
love me that’s all i ask of you

night time sharpens
heightens each sensation
darkness stirs
and wakes imagination
silently the senses
abandon their defenses
helpless to resist the notes i write
the power of the music of the night
let your mind start a journey through a strange new world
leave all thoughts of the life you knew before
let your soul take you where you long to be
only then can you belong to me
you alone can make my song take flight
help me make the music of the night