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perry como – sing along with me كلمات اغاني


sing along with me,sing a happy song!i would guarantee.that you can’t go wrong!you will be surprised,at the way you’ll feel,all your cares and woes will be a hazy memory!if you’ll just agree,sing along with me!don’t be too quick,to say you can’t sing a lick,there’s a trick to it all!make believe that you’re takin’ a shower,and sing it out loud,sing to the crowd,you’ll be feelin’ ten feet tall!sing along with me ( sing along with me )sing a happy tune ( sing a happy tune )let the b-tterfly ( let the b-tterfly )out of your coc–n! ( out of your coc–n )you can finally be ( you can finally be )who you wanta be ( who you wanta be )what you got to lose? forget your blues,now you’re breakin’ free ( now you’re breakin’ free )here’s the recipe! ( here’s the recipe )just sing along with me! ( la la, la la la . . . )