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perfectbwoy – touch me كلمات اغاني


baby come and love on me
don’t mind if you touch on me
balling this is lovely
bae come and rub on me
just meet down at the double tree
bring me drink that potion please
and that prada bag with money please

yes girl i love to tease
more and more she begging me
she say perfect impressing me
know you wanna match my fit
do you how expensive that gets
see i’m rocking designer fits
prada mixed with the good rick
balling just like pocovich
blue benzo no maverick
keep stick on me like a pirate
might takeover this island
go to the crib and i dive in
no more facetime we just skyping
different swag baby this science
i want vvs diamonds
and a penthouse and i’m shining
look who do the rhyming
this is perfect timing
babygirl i’m styling
take a trip to the island
got a bad b_tch she smiling
babygirl i’m wilding