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perditor – nekromantik كلمات اغاني


dead eyes staring in the dark
horrible yet l-stful
an attraction to the lifeless sinful love
the beginning of a romance in death…

what horrible fantasies torment the mind?
sick and morbid thoughts never seem to die
why does he feel this necrol-st?
in this corpse dissecting he feels no disgust

death is what he needs
for love he does his deeds
some call him sick


nekromantikal holocaust
in the temple of the dead
nekromantikal orgy
when demons rape your head

then the corpse is found, the horror can begin
a luscious evil orgy, a night of eternal sin
the girl stares in excitement, while caressing the decay
enjoy gruesome death, what more could happen on this delightful day?

l-st for the dead
sick thoughts haunt his head
what dreams are so erotic?


total satisfaction from the dead
total necrol-st

“what lives, that does not live from the death of someone else?”

impaled stake in rotten corpse
flesh ripped and torn with steel
smashed dead against the wall
blood drips in the bath

the sickening smell of death surrounds him
he can no longer control his maniac mind
now the lights of life will all dim
the wh-r- screams in torment, hear her cries:

now the time has come
his sick work is done
insanity has won


died for her l-st, no mercy nor disgust
she cuts off your head
your head
and then f-cks you when you’re dead