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pee man – waste no time كلمات اغاني


f_ck a hundred racks, i need a milli in the bank
bro i took a loss and in a day i made it back
my bro made a milli off the roads and that’s facts
have you ever seen half a bar in cash?
my bro’s got the amm and i’m the man for yay
you ain’t never moved ten box in a day
if you ain’t about money then stay in your lane
i invested in myself and took over the game
we got burners from russia and food from spain
the whip’s german but the buj pk
we might have the same wap but we don’t shoot the same
there can never be a drought, we make it snow in the rain
yeah i sent bro a box, he said “send me another one”
m’s lost his hulk then he went and brought another one
my line’s on the block but i feel to build another one
scopes running off so we went and brought another one
don’t compare me to these rappers, i ain’t nuttin like them
we got big boy clips that take out more than five men
and when we ride out we have your block silenced
you can’t be around man if you ain’t f_cking riding
if you talk about the eight then you know i’m involved
if you talk about the three then you know i’m involved
talking like they’re bad but in the station they fold
my girl went to jail for me and she never told
they’re saying i shoulda changed my name to savage
cause the amount of times i tried to turn man cabbage
if you ain’t about money, i don’t know your language
this time i’m coming for the bread, no sandwich
and when i see them i’m gonna let my ting go
if it hits his head top, that’s a bingo
if it’s just a quick ting, i’m bussing out the window
hit him in his chest, make the p_ssy do a limbo
go and ask the block, we don’t do no discussions
if it ain’t the fours then i’m gripping on a russian
if we can’t catch you then we’re doing up your cousin
we got h_lla double pipes but the hand tings, i love ’em
we had money from the start, funding war weren’t a problem
i’m back on my sh_t, the block knows i’m a problem
had to empty out my clip to make sure that i got him
went there to have a word, i didn’t go there to rob him
i fell in love with skengs
i done it once so i had to do it again
you’re getting done too if you’re tryna sit on the fence
you’re getting gripped up, slapped up for sitting with them
i ain’t come to waste no time
i’m a boss, i’ve come to take what’s mine
my first shotty had the longest pipe
now it’s sk’s and big four_fives

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع


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