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paula abdul – to you كلمات اغاني


to you

to you,
gonna give it all to you
to you,
gonna give it all to you

if it’s pleasure you want
and it’s pleasure i’ve got
baby i will give it all to you

if you’re lonely at night
and it’s me that you want
call my name and i’ll run to you


boy i feel so alive when you’re holding me tight
i surrender my heart to you
you never ask for too much
boy i feel so in love
so i’ll give all my trust to you

boy i’m so thankful for us
i’m glad we’re together (together)
boy i am so proud of us
i’m your your girl forever (forever)


i won’t be torn apart
no not me from my heart
because this love is true
we’ve been through thick and thin
yes this love’s gonna win
i’m so glad that i’m with you

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