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passion – good (can’t be anything else) [live from كلمات اغاني


you are good
in all things perfect
oh i can trust your promise
i’ve never seen you turn away

you have loved me undeserving
oh i have seen your mercy
follow me all my days

oh it doesn’t make sense
how your love is so good
you called me your friend
and i thought i was too far gone
so i know
you’re never gonna let me go
you are good
and you can only be good
you can’t be anything else
you can’t be anything else

hindsight’s always 20_20
i can look behind me
and see just how far i’ve come

you’ve savеd me from the brink of falling
mercy shutting doors bеfore me
now i see all the good you’ve done

when it doesn’t make sense
and the future’s unsure
i look at my past
and i see you there all along
so i know
you’re never gonna let me go

you’re good today
you’ll be good tomorrow
you’ve always been good on your promise
i know that every good thing comes from you

hallelujah, hallelujah