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oliver francis – big surf كلمات اغاني



rolling through the city
rolling through the city man i’m lookin something wavy
[?] i swear i do it on the daily
middle fingers up screaming f-ck you baby
ice around my neck is something white like shady
since i was a youngin i’ve been balling like a sixer
double let that styrofoam, sipping that elixir
blowing marijuana keep it wavy like it’s big surf

knowing that i had the purple potion in the mixture
all i do is count big bands, throw it up, make it rain
wish she do it with both hands
throw it up, double cut, yeah, she wanna slow dance
bullets flyin through the air, [?]
oh man, got these b-tches on my nuts man
here we go again
you might see me in the club pushing [?]
[?] and we smoking, smoking, smoking

all i really know is rolling swishers
all i really know is blowing dope with some b-tches
all i really know is getting paper
since i was a youngin i been balling like a laker (x2)