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oxyoxy collective – 4:21 كلمات اغاني


[intro: noevdv]
vdv got it

[chorus: ohsmithhh]
you always gettin’ mad, i don’t know what to say
im gettin’ ready to leave the party, yo b_tch want me to stay
bnd0, im always doin shi the trendy way
bnd0, everyday im gettin’ presents like its my birthday

[verse 1: ohsmithhh]
yeah, you say you up, you know you losin’
yeah, i say im up, b_tch you know im always cruisin’
in a 2 door, you know im always choosin’
i get money b_tch, yeah you know it ain’t confusin’
you don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know
im on go, im on go, im on go
where’s the dro?, where’s the dro?, where’s the dro?
yeah im stoned, yeah im stoned, yeah im stoned
b_tch you got that kiss, yeah let me come and see you
you know im f_ckin’ with tint, n0body can even see through
you know there’s diamonds on my wrist, everyday it look new
i don’t wanna talk to that b_tch, i told her that she ain’t boo

[verse 2: ohsmithhh]
i don’t wanna go out and share, all the sh_t that i been into
you already know, if he get caught, he gon tell on you
i don’t check my phone, im too busy thinkin’ bout that cash
i might take her home, she beggin’ me to slap her ass
pull up with sticks, pull up with l!cks, pull up with ricks
you already know what we on
he took the salt off the ritz, you already know i know what he gon be on
i put the flash on the pic, you know im making this at 4:21
i can’t stand that lame, yeah we not friends, we just done
[outro: ohsmithhh]
we just done
b_tch im up
this sh_t fun
what’s it mean to you?
what’s it do to you?
what it means to you
what it does to you

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