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outergods – into the howling void كلمات اغاني


a bitter winter’s night under a starless sky
the time is now
a cliffside at the edge of the universe
the ritual begins
shrouded figures lurk around an unconscious body
soon to wake in fear
they speak the words from an ancient battered book
casting a summoning spell

into the void
a lamb fed to the slaughter
into the void
an inescapable fate
into the void
an offering to the wretched ones
into the void
sacrifice to thе gods

o mighty ones, o mighty ones, hear our calls
wе bring to you an offering of mortal flesh
all of our lives, obey the void, obey the void
unknowing of evils hiding past the veil of cosmic dread
devout to it, we live to serve, we live to serve
to keep us safe from the outer ones
though never said, we fear the void, we fear the void
mythical powers are unfathomable
the sky cracks asunder
as rhythmic thunder rumbles through the land
fragmented shards of reality ripple
like waves across the blackest of seas
seeping out through cosmic rifts
the darkest demon comes forth
they claim what is rightfully theirs
and drag them back to the horrors beyond

into the howling void
a soul is claimed
into the howling void
where monstrous forces remain

كلمات أغنية عشوائية

اهم الاغاني لهذا الاسبوع