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oskar james – clarity كلمات اغاني


one step in my shoes yea i swear it’s worth ur time
all these feelings building up put my emotions on the line
yea i’m sorry i had to leave but i kept seeing signs
never wanna leave u seen don’t wanna be that guy
u should know love ain’t free also i’m kinda shy
all this fake love to me make me wanna die
all these thoughts up in my head make me wanna cry
i just need someone to tell me it’s all in my mind

what the h_ll is wrong w me why am i thinking too much
abt stuff that doesn’t even mattеr no
i can’t even enjoy things that i usеd to
my health is diterierating yea it’s so true
atleast i got u, but i don’t got u
everytime i try to enjoy something my mind always f_cks it up
i swear it’s not a brainfog it’s a brainf_ck
sometimes i feel so stuck
i just needa know if anyone feels the same
all these dumb thoughts yea they’re driving me insane
it’s like a constant panick attack is hovering my brain
i swear me and my brain are opposition
like okay okay i need a better headsp_ce
i know a lot of it’s my fault for acting like im okay
pushing people away only keeps in the pain
yea i stay silent even when i got a lot to say
i tried my best is it working?
why is my brain such a f_cking bully
i swear i got no seritonin left in me
im only 17 but feel like 30