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oscar lindsey - hot vodka lyrics


[verse 1]
all of the dirty secrets, all that you try to hide
pooling up at the bottom, they just get multiplied
all of the one night stands, at least the ones you can
shacked up with dirty people, can’t even wash your hands

[verse 2]
wake up, you’re screaming crying, don’t wanna wake the kids
you start your skipping breakfast, and dodge the morning kiss
you’re taking out alka_seltzer, to help your running mouth
you’re sleeping through the winter, they wanna take you out

[verse 3]
you’re supposed to be a mother, you gotta get a job
late nights in alleyways, we’re worried you’ll get robbed
and they’re all scared around you, they think that you’re all gone
they’re hoping when you’re buried, they won’t call you mom

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